Cultural Literacy And Cultural Education Essay

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Cultural Literacy
Cultural literacy is the ability to understand and participate fluently in a given culture. Teachers are supposed to address issues in a way that learners are interested in with the basis of their culture. To achieve this, teachers should recognize the different unique needs that students have that fall into different cultural categories. In other words, local schools should be aware of the cultural background of the learners. Also, learners who come from literacy-based culture perform better in literacy.
In school setting, the concentration on studying specific and doing exams make it impossible for the students to learn culture. A teacher who involves culture in between the lesson attracts more attention as the learners are more interested. Pupils will, therefore, take benefit from the lesson. Even under strict curriculum, teachers can connect subjects and provide a cultural-based learning experience.

Learning across the curriculum
As education facilitators try to provide information that can be useful to the learners in future, different approaches are being employed. One of the approaches that are prioritized is the promotion of learning across-curriculum. This idea has been accommodated in the syllabus and is aimed at improving the performance of learners. These priorities call teachers to make links between subjects. In so doing, they draw on a range of themes and topics that can be learnt at the same time. It captures the idea of integrated…

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