Cultural Heritage And Its Types Essay

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How you ever wonder what heritage is and its types? Heritage have different types such as cultural, primary, personal and many more. Cultural heritage and history is so interesting and important and it helps us to know our roots and represent our personality.

Defi of culture: culture means value, believes, attitude, religion, roles spiritual relations, food language, society habit and music communication way of life of any group of people.n every country every group of people have their own culture, any society cannot be completed without culture, its effects our society, culture is the first unit of the society and we are first unit of the culture because we adopt the culture we all belongs. Any different culture we live in a country and country have society and society have culture and we make the culture. Because every person is unit of society and culture.
Heritage: That means whatever you have from your previous generation in art, food, religion, musuc, sir name , industries, bulding, natural resources, traditions, paintings, landscaping and land form, tourism, dress belives, thoughts etc. Heritage is that which is inherited from past generation maintain the present and forward to future generation. Whenever your family and society transferred to you from the pass, it is called heritage.
Types of Heritage: Natural heritage refers to outstanding physical, biological and geological formation, hebitats of threatened species of animal and plants are areas with…

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