Cultural Geography : Languages Spoken On Planet Earth Essay

1215 Words May 4th, 2015 5 Pages
Michael Luchini
Professor Eike Reichardt
Cultural Geography
3 May 2015 Languages: Languages spoken on Planet Earth Without languages being created and widely-spoken, human beings would have a very bad way of communicating with each other. It would be virtually impossible to have countries succeed without some form of communication. Thankfully, there has been 6,909 languages that have been created and widely spoken as of 2009 ("How Many Languages Are There in the World? | Linguistic Society of America"). If anything, the inhabitants of planet earth will continue with creating languages, but do not forget that some languages could possibly die off in the future due to lack of usage, hard understanding or any other further complications. A few of the most popular languages are the following: English, Spanish, and French. This topic will be thoroughly explained by giving the readers information about the language distribution, English being relevant to other languages, and the explanation on why certain language are spoken in their location.
A language is a form of communication, that can either be spoken or written, that is structured a certain way. As of right now, there are approximately eighty-five spoken languages by at least ten million people, and only three hundred languages by between one million and ten million (Rubenstein 143). The three most widely spoken languages are: English, Spanish and Mandarin. Out of these three languages, English is the most widely spoken…

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