Cultural Diversity In The Workplace

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Cultural Diversity in the Workplace Cultural diversity in the workplace can be essential for a business. Although there may be individuals that form their opinions of discrimination in the workplace since they are from a certain culture, being able to distinguish business needs versus discrimination is a tough process.
Maria is a person of Latin ancestry and she filed a complaint stating she was unfairly eliminated for a consideration for a promotion due to her accent. She has been with the company for 10 years and the person promoted was a white male. She states although she is not the only Latin woman, she is the only woman in the department as well the as the only colored woman in the department. Company states although she is a good employee
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Latin’s are usually stereotyped and considered as loud spoken individuals although they are not all like that. The company should have not assumed that although she is Latin and her attitude towards her coworkers is a certain type of way that she will also speak to the clients as such. This may be called as an indirect discrimination which refers to situations, measures or practices that can be considered neutral but have a negative impact on persons from a certain group. Discrimination in the workplace also involves when workers have family responsibilities. Maria also states the reasons for her tardiness and attendance was due to family responsibilities. I believe the company may have made some flaws while giving certain reasoning’s to Maria as to why she was not hired. The company should have had certain policies or rules for promotions and have gone by that. For example if there were certain framed rules beforehand this could have avoided several facts as to what Maria might have stated as being discriminated. Becoming familiar with antidiscrimination laws, developing and implementing antidiscrimination policies, mandating antidiscrimination training, and investigating employee complaints of discrimination can assist employers in being proactive to prevent inequality and discrimination in the workplace. If Maria …show more content…
Diversity will surround us in every aspect of life from work, school, social gatherings, and etc it is an endless cycle we will be exposed to different cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds daily. Discrimination will appear as well whether it be in the workplace or school but we must be aware of our surroundings and be well educated as to where it can be tolerated and where it may not be tolerated. Employees need to make themselves aware and educate themselves on discrimination laws and the Equal Opportunity Acts. Individuals may perceive at times and take things more personal than what it really is we need to learn to respect other cultures as well as our own and understand that we will not always be an agreement with others beliefs. Although there may be types of discrimination in the workplace we need to learn how to handle those situations as

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