Essay on Cultural Diversity At End Of Life

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Mankind has been fascinated with death. Though haunted by its presence, we are captivated by it. As time went on and our society grew more complex, we developed quite a few interpretations of this curious phenomenon. The scientific approach is preferred by doctors, while painters and writers prefer a more emotional side of death. The two methods are blended by directors in the field of media to bring forth a lesson to teach the populous. In truth, we might never know the real definition of death. Therefore, we must develop our own unique understanding of death that will bring us content at End of Life (EOL). In the paper, I will summarize the class notes, discussions, and the movie 50/50 by Jonathan Levine. I will analyze two articles – Cultural Diversity at End of Life: Issues and Guidelines for Family Physicians by H. Russel and J. Gafford, and EOL in Film by Kelly Tenzek. I will continue by discussing the role of ethics in death and dying. Finally, I will give my own interpretation of death and my reaction to the EOL course as a whole.
What does it mean to die? One can argue that death is a biological termination of all processes in the body. Another could say that death is an emotional journey that could only be described with colors. As the medical field grew in complexity and separated from the church, doctors were able to conduct experiments on the human body and determine their own definition of death. Though not perfect even today, this definition continues to pull…

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