Essay Cultural Displacement Of Women : An Individual Habit Of Mind

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Before analyzing the text further it is important to know what cultural displacement is and what it implies in terms for a woman who feels displaced from a culture for another culture. According to Raymond Williams, a Welsh theorist culture is "an individual habit of mind; the state of intellectual development of a whole society; the arts; and the whole way of life.” But if we expand the definition given by Williams, we have two definitions of Culture with relation to women as in the fourth definition which is “…the whole way of life.” can be used in order to understand ‘cultural displacement’ of women migrants in an alien culture, whereas the second definition of culture "the state of intellectual development of a whole society" can be applied to interpret cultural displacement of oppressed women living in India or abroad. Women are culturally displaced as their intellectual or emotional or economic development is always restrained by patriarchal customs and notions and patriarchy often tries to curb or conditioned their individual habit of mind so that they can be molded in the way that suited the male-centric world.
According to Oxford Dictionary, Displacement is a ‘departure of people from their homes, forced or voluntary’. So in that sense cultural displacement can refer to a situation where the immigrant tries to reinstate his/her ‘old way of life’ but the growing and constant experiences of cultural gap make it difficult and sometimes impossible. Most of the…

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