Cultural Context Of Gary Forto's One Last Time By Gary Soto

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Memoir SCRs

SCR #1: What is the cultural context of your memoir? How does it compare and contrast to that of a 21st century Hillsborough teen’s milieu? For example, are the influences, routines, and expectations the same? Derek Aahil, Michael, Dhruv, and Sennet

In the short story “One Last Time” by Gary Soto, the cultural context of his memoir provides a stark difference to the twenty-first century. In this memoir, the characters are of Mexican heritage, which affects what their actions are. The main character did not want to embrace his Mexican culture, so he did not pick grapes. On the contrary, the average Hillsborough teen is surrounded by many different cultures and races, which makes them more inclined to the notion that everyone is equal, and that no race is better than another. The author states, “Grandpa had worked in the fields, as did the children” (840, L. 15). This proves that, in those times, if you in the midst of poverty, you would work in the farms, especially if your parents and their relatives had done so long before. In contrast to this, Hillsborough has a certain minimum wage that has been applied to all of America so that everyone is paid well enough for the work that they do. With everyone required to get an education, children are able to study what they want and go into the career they wish to go into, including engineering, medicine, and even agriculture. These are just two of the many cultural differences between these two time periods. Though

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