Cultural Competent Nursing Care Is An Imperative Part Of Healthcare

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Cultural competent nursing care is an imperative part of healthcare, out casing patient satisfaction. Culturally safe practice involves actions in which the provider recognizes and respects the cultural identities of others. In correlation, culturally unsafe nursing practice is referring to “Any actions that diminish, demean or disempower the cultural identity and well being of an individual.” (Nursing Council of New Zealand 2002, p. 9).

How does the CLPNBC professional standards relate to providing culturally safe nursing care????

The licensed practical nurse is to maintain a certain level of standard and professional conduct as set out by the CLPNBC. The CLPNBC professional standards outlines the four professional standards for nurses to carry out; Responsibility and Accountability, Competency-Based Practice, Client-Focused Provision of Service, and Ethical Practice. (taken from CLPNBC) Every nurse is responsible and accountable for his or her own decisions, actions and professional conduct. It is the nurse’s responsibility to seek guidance and direction to situations in which they feel unsure. The competency-based practice standard from CLPNBC states that nurses should have the appropriate knowledge and judgement to be able to respond and adapt to changes as well as communicate professionally with clients. This standard helps nurses provide culturally safe practice by making them able to adapt to each clients diverse cultural needs and beliefs. The third professional…

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