Cultural Changes And The Humanities That Occurred Between The Paleolithic Age And Neolithic Ages

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Name and discuss three major cultural changes or contributions to the humanities that occurred between the Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) to the Neolithic (New Stone Age) period (wall paintings, architecture, literature, technology).
Between the Paleolithic Age and Neolithic Age, wall paintings were a major cultural change to humanities. Paleolithic life comes largely from paintings found in caves. Most of these paintings were naturalistic. For example, ‘many of the animals-bison, mammoths, reindeer, boars, wolves, and horses- gracefully jump, run, and romp, conveying a remarkable sense of animation.’ These paintings are done with pigments used of mineral oxides in the colors black, brown, red, and yellows. These paintings were created because the artist believed that if he made painting of animals while he was deep within the cave, more animals would be born. This lead to ‘the possibility that the superimposing, or layering, of animals was intended to show them mating.’
Another major contribution to humanities were ritual and religion. Rituals would be linked to prayer to enhance the powers of nature. Power would be gained over elements of nature. For example, they would have rituals for hunting. They would perform a ritual before they hunted to gain control over the animals that we going to be hunted and killed. Therefore, ‘art, religion, and ritual were bound together as images, words, and physical movement were combined to achieve success in the hunt.’ That is…

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