Cultural Background Of Public Schools Essay

1257 Words Mar 19th, 2016 null Page
Diversity is one of the most critical elements of today’s public schools and yet it is not always adequately acknowledged within the curriculum. Many schools have diverse student communities, as well as diversity among cultures, religion, socioeconomic background and other demographics. Often such diversities are overlooked when it comes to creation of school curriculum. How a student from one cultural background perceives a lesson may be completely different when compared to a peer from a different culture. It is important that schools and teachers make valid efforts to include cultural diversity in today’s classrooms. Franklin Elementary School has a population of students from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Thirty percent of the students do not speak English as their primary language at home, with a plethora of other languages spoken. In order to meet the needs of a diverse student population and community, a new curriculum must be piloted in the third and fourth grade classrooms.
Therefore, it has been suggested that Spanish language lessons be integrated into all content areas in the third and fourth grade classrooms. Many of the students who speak languages other than English speak Spanish, and others are familiar with the language. In the United States Spanish is the second most common spoken language behind English and thus it may be helpful for students to develop fluency in this language both for their studies and out of the classroom.…

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