Cultural And Socioeconomic Factors And Development Essay

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Cultural and Socioeconomic Factors and Development The purpose of this essay is to analyze the case study of a “wild child”. By doing so, the researcher will identify the socioeconomic factors that may affect the physical and motor development of children from birth to eight years of age. The researcher will explain how a child’s development correlates to the quality of their education (e.g., language and cognitive development). The researcher will also discuss the critical period hypothesis, while a brief summary will conclude the essay.
Wild Child Case Study Genie was known as a feral child, in which authorities removed her from her home at the age of 13 (World Public Library, 2016b). “ The definition of a feral child (or "wild child") is one who, from a very young age, has lived in isolation from human contact, unaware of human social behavior and unexposed to language” (Grice, 2006, p. 2). Genie’s parents abused her and she was locked away from the age of 20 months. This abuse continued through each of the five stages of growth and development (a) infancy (b) early years, (c) childhood, (d) puberty, and (e) adolescence (Pearson, 2016). Children from 0 – 3 years, need a safe environment, close relationships, inclusion, communication, and opportunities to play. Children at the ages of 4 – 7, require additional opportunities, which include relationship building with others, positive experiences, and responses to behavior.…

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