Why Do Children Need Attachment

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Children are like Kitchen-Aid mixer, they need attachments to function at the best of their ability. Attachments are the key necessity to a child's development, without any attachments children tend to become frightened, withdrawn and unable to develop speech. Along with this the children can be at risk for physical, psycholgical and social problems. Their serotonin levels can be altered due to a lack of attachment as well. However, when a child does have attachments in their development they don't have those disadvantages, Instead, they are have better social competence, they have more confidence when exploring the world around them, and they are able to learn through their parents example. When a child has an attachment, they are happier …show more content…
This allowed me to learn easier and be a happier child. Since my mom didn't work, I wasn't put in a daycare, so my bond with her was strong. My mom made sure to play with me when she had time, feed me when I was hungry, and comfort me when I was upset. The play helped me learn different skills and words, and the other stuff helped me to develop a sense of safety. I believe that the closeness that my mom and I have today is due to my attachment to my mother when I was a child. Unfortunately, not all children have the benefit of having an attachment with anything at all. Children, such as Genie, are declined of any interaction with anyone. Now not all cases of children who don't have any attachment are as severe as this one, but it still points out vital points of how important attachment is. When Genie was kept in a dark room, tied to a potty chair during the day and in her bed caged by chicken wire by night. Her father didn't allow anyone to speak to her and he didn't really supply her with many toys. When Genie was found she was unable to walk or talk, and she didn't trust many people. Genie was described as a "Wild Child" because she didn't develop any skills that a regular child would've. She was withdrawn from her foster parents and many other people after she was discovered. Unlike me, she didn't have any toys or anyone to play with to stimulate her while she was growing up, so she didn't have proper social or motor

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