Cultural Analysis Thailand Essay

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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Thailand
Rhonda C. Scott
Liberty University

Abstract The country of Thailand is an emerging nation in the globalized world. Over the past two decades, the country has experienced a multitude of changes in the political, economic and international arenas. As a nation, it has survived the economic crisis of 1997, the tsunami of 2004, the government coup in 2006, the flooding of 2011 and is preparing for a change in the views of the nation with the demise of their king. The AIDS explosion in the late eighties and early nineties seems to have targeted the country and the sex industry placing Thailand on the map for many of the wrong reasons. As Thailand continues to confront its own
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Strong bonds in the Thai community are imperative to these people, although it is within smaller groups. Respect of class, respect of seniority and self-respect are of vital importance to the Thais and their own place in society. There are less written rules in this nation as opposed to the more formalized written documentation in a low-context society. In a high context society, there is a strong boundary between the “insiders” and “outsiders,” thus requiring a high level of trust between newcomers to be developed and earned. Religion Buddhism is the national religion of Thailand. A small percentage of the country is Muslim and an even smaller amount practice Confucianism, Hinduism or Christianity. The Buddhist religion exemplifies itself throughout the nation in the architecture, sculpture, literature and art. Buddhism. Dhamma, the original teachings of Buddha, promise to learn “the truth” in the practice of calmness, clarity and purity. A religion of doctrine and practice, it does not believe in one Supreme Being. Theravada Buddhism has been the predominant religion in Thailand since early-recorded history, with over 94% of the Thai people practicing Buddhism. Buddhists believe that all humans are capable of compassion, self-help and self-reliance (Mahamakuta Rajavidyalaya Foundation, n.d.). The objective of this religion is to engage

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