Cultural Analysis : Cross Cultural Miscues Essay

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Cross-Cultural Miscues Culture can be defined using many different phrases; one way of phrasing culture is a system of shared ideas or meanings. Different parts of the world have vastly different cultures that they practice in their society. Since so many contrasting cultures are present, not everyone knows about what is acceptable in every culture. This leads to cultural “norms” being violated resulting in a cross-cultural miscue. Cross-cultural miscues happen because the actions or languages accepted in one culture can be offensive or unwelcoming in another culture. Understanding the ways of the people in a society of a culture is very important for anthropologists, especially those performing fieldwork. In order to be accepted into the society to begin work, an anthropologist must first gain the trust of the people in that society. Establishing rapport, or relationships, is the key to successful fieldwork. On page 102 of the book, there was a cross-cultural miscue involving a medical anthropologist doing work in Malaysia (Ferraro & Andreatta, 2014). The anthropologist, Jennifer Roberts, committed two cultural gaffes while doing her fieldwork. Because the culture of the society Roberts was studying is different than the culture she normally practices, she committed two violations simply because she did not know what was acceptable. Thesis: The cross-cultural miscue in Malaysia violated the ways of the people in more than one way and could have easily been prevented with…

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