Cuba And The United States Essay

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The end result of the invasion left Cuba with large amounts of political capital, and 1,179 prisoners from the invasion for which to bargain with. Cuba did not want to keep the prisoners for the most part, and decided that they would bargain them off for tractors and other equipment used for farming . This event did not end up happening due to disagreements over the exact ransom, and the wording to be used for the prisoner exchange, as Cuba wanted it to be declared as reparations for the damage to the Cuban people, not ransom. Cuba did eventually trade the prisoners away for what amounted to large amounts of food and medicine .
What the Bay of Pigs did more than anything though was cement the rule of the revolutionary government. Invasion by a hostile power is a time tested way to increase nationalistic furor, and after the invasion by the long hated United States did just that. Castro helped matters along by giving speeches about the rights of countries to self-determinate without outside interference . Castro was also forced to denounce America in general, as their presence could not be hidden in the debacle, and declared that the failed invasion was America’s first failure of imperialism .
America for its part did not take the failure lightly, and renewed their efforts to defeat Cuba mostly through covert assassination attempts of the Cuban president. This plan, called Operation Mongoose, was a series of assassination attempts to try and overthrow the Cuban government…

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