Essay on Cub A Place Located On The Hicacos Peninsula

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Varadero, Cuba is a place located on the Hicacos peninsula. It is one of the biggest locations for tourism within Cuba. Varadero is known for it’s many hotels, shops, and different activities to do there. It also has the big attraction of it natural beauty including its golden sandy beach. The beach has been said to be one of the Caribbean’s best. All of these different attractions are part of the reason why people choose Varadero to travel to but one of the different aspects that really make it stand out is how untouched Varadero is.
It does have many high-end resorts that have a lot of the amenities that you would find at home but when entering the local areas in Varadero it’s not like any other place. I want to explore the reasons that Varadero is so different then any other beach destination and I also want to look into the big change of US citizens now being allowed to travel to Cuba again. Will this change have an effect on what keeps Varadero different from other beach destinations? One of the main reason Cuba is so different then lots of the other islands in the Caribbean has to do with the history. The different events that have happened in Cuba have really shaped the place. To begin even as early as 1890 Cuba has been known for tourism (World Tourism). Back then Cuba wasn’t reliant on tourism for their economy but people still went there because of it’s natural beauty. In the 1920’s Cuba was the most popular place in the Caribbean for tourism. For this reason…

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