Essay Cu Chi Tunnels And Its Effects On The Vietnam War

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Cu Chi Tunnels

Living in an underground world seems like a fantasy book, or even like a dream, but in the Vietnam War, this was a reality for some men. The Vietnam War started between the Viet Cong and South Vietnam in 1954( Staff. "Vietnam War History"). This battle was heavy on guerrilla warfare, making it extremely dangerous. To get ahead in this brutal war, the Viet Cong created underground tunnels. They were known as the Tunnels of Cu Chi. These channels proved to be a huge advantage for the Viet Cong ( Staff. "Cu Chi Tunnels").
The Cu Chi Tunnels were an elaborate system of underground passages. They were used as a shelter for Viet Cong Soldiers as well as a base for attacks on the nearby city of Saigon. They were originally used for storing weapons safely, but were found to be effective with protecting people as well. The Viet Cong sent many of their resistance fighters to the underground tunnels. Soon after, many people began making the transition to underground living (“The Cu Chi Tunnels”). The tunnels ranged from the border of Vietnam and Cambodia to the city of Saigon. This made the tunnels 250 kilometers total. Each tunnel was built by hand, resulting in a very slow digging process ( Staff. "Cu Chi Tunnels"). The openings of the entrances were extremely small because they had to be concealed. This was taken into account when the pathways were built (Joe Havely). The Vietnamese communists began building the Cu Chi tunnels in…

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