Crystal Nawa Ice Queen Analysis

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Crystal Nawa Blackwood was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to extremely wealthy parents who had a very large house and a great deal of shares in some of the world's biggest companies as well as running two or three large and successful companies of their own. She had a halcyon childhood for the five years that it lasted. Her cousin, Seth Falk Blackwood was the same, born five years before her. Her parents, her aunt and her uncle, as well as her cousins apart from Seth, were hunted down and slaughtered, dying outright from gunshot wounds inflicted by assassins. The only survivors were Crystal and Seth, and that was because they were not with their parents and so survived. After the substantial number of funerals, which Crystal
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He gave up after a while, reluctantly, realizing he had to leave her to fend for herself. She did so, in a strange way. Oh, she surely feared Seth's friends, but never once showed it, locking everything behind a cold and emotionless disguise, her eyes revealing nothing. Only with her close family did she show true feeling. It earned her the almost savage and brutal nickname of 'Ice' or the 'Ice-Queen' and even 'Ice-Dancer' when they wanted to be almost nice. As she matured, she gained friends, who would defend her as much as they could. They adored the quiet confidence and wisdom that she exuded as well as her affectionate ways. Protecting the quiet child as much as they could became their hobby almost. She passed through the remainder of her school years quietly, studying hard and passing with extremely high marks before going on to University via College and studying business management among other things, passing there too with the highest grade possible. Being nineteen after she finished University, she received her inheritance which was her share of the family companies, their shares, their homes and all the riches they had. She took to travelling then, exploring the world, and going to almost every country and in the countries she had homes? She examined them, decided on whether she was keeping them or not and moved

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