Cry The Beloved Country By Alan Paton Essay examples

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Alan Paton’s novel, Cry the Beloved Country is a socialist novel of the historical fiction genre. It was published in 1948, just before apartheid is introduced to South Africa. According to Paton, “the story is not true, but considered as a social record it is the plain and simple truth. “ Paton continues, “the accounts that did occur in history are the boycotts of the bus system, gold rush in Odendaalsrust, the erection of Shanty Town, and the miners’ strike.” Paton includes many details that help the reader imagine the conditions of South Africa leading up to apartheid. This imagery allows the reader to see how events in the novel served as a catalyst for apartheid in South Africa. A downfall of using Paton’s novel as a primary source is that Paton’s opinions about the social conditions of South Africa become apparent throughout the novel. Although Cry the Beloved is considered a novel of historical fiction, it can be utilized as a primary source for historians such as Clark and Worger as a way to enhance their writing. Apartheid is institutionalized racial discrimination through laws that favored the people of English decent. Apartheid became institutionalized the same year Cry the Beloved was published, 1948. Since the novel is written pre-apartheid, the reader can see how apartheid will start to play a role in the future. Segregation by race is the precursor to apartheid. Paton never uses the word apartheid in the novel, but there are several occurrences where racial…

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