Cry Freedom By Richard Attenborough Essay example

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Cry Freedom
Set during the late 1970’s during the apartheid era of South Africa, Director Richard Attenborough’s Cry Freedom (1987) centers on the real-life events involving black activist Steve Biko and his friend Donald Woods, who initially finds Biko’s antiapartheid political rhetoric to be damaging, however once meeting and conversing with the activist, attempts to understand his way of life. In order to analyze Cry Freedom one must develop a brief understanding of what the Apartheid was and meant it to the African people. The word apartheid translates exactly to separateness, specifically in this case separateness between white and black people. Founders of apartheid, the South African National Party, have held control in South Africa since 1948. Their policy has been brutally imposed to ensure that the skin color of every child born in South Africa dictates the life they may lead: where they may live, what sort of education, housing, health and social services will be available: whether they will be permitted to participate in the government of the country. The result is that the majority of the ‘African’ population cannot vote for the South African government. Political power is in the hands of the white minority rather than the colored majority, which makes up approximately 70% of the population.
The film, as aforementioned, follows journalist Donald Woods metaphorical unmasking, as his adversary turned friend opens his eyes to the perspective of the black man…

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