Cruel And Inhumane Way Of Life Essay

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Cruel and Inhumane way of Life
Slavery in the United States has always been viewed as a cruel and inhumane way of life. It took the liberties and freedoms away from the slaves that were forced away from their families or homes. Forced to work for their boss or known as their owner. Slaves were treated unfair and had lives that they couldn’t fulfill due to the strictness of their owners. How did this affect the United States in today’s economy? Was this breaking laws and persecuting the slaves to an extent of injustice? How was this persecution and breaking the laws? These questions are asked all the time and never put to rest.
During the late seventeenth century and early eighteenth century there were tens of thousands of African slaves being stuffed into a ship and sent to the United States. The ships would have horrific conditions and most slaves would die before they even got to the U.S. When they did arrive, they were judged by their looks and put up for auction and the highest bidder would take them home. The majority of the slaves were bought by southerners to work on plantations. The late eighteenth century over one million slaves had been shipped from Africa to the Southern part of the U.S. they were put to work on cotton fields and sugar fields. As the need for money increased the conditions and treatment of the slaves became brutal. More slaves were being torn apart from their family and forced to work. The slave trade was the second largest business at the time,…

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