Crossing Over By Ruben Martinez Analysis

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Many migrants travel on the daily in hopes of a better life but few attain the goal. In the book, “Crossing Over” by, Ruben Martinez. It discuses his difficult trail in obtaining a better life. Though the book it proclaims the death of the three Chavez brothers named Benjamin, Jaime and Salvador in Temecula, California. They were crammed in a truck with 25 other immigrants on a journey to a better life when border patrol began to chased them causing the coyote (the person who sneaks migrants to the U.S in exchange of money about 1,000 a head or more.) to panics, already intoxicated and coked out he begins to speed. Coming to a curve the truck spind making a 180 eventually the roof collapsing and the three brothers crushed them underneath. This tragedy made news of eight dead people injured and eighteen injured. “And yet the migrants continue to cross, because ideas of paradise die hard, especially for Mexicans, who for several decades have regarded the Rio Grande as a river of life more than of death, notwithstanding accident like …show more content…
migrating to the United States is difficult because the pain of missing loved ones is intolerable.”Home is no longer located in a single geographical point (Martinez, Ruben).” Home becomes where the opportunities are located and where family is. Though migrants migrate they also go home during festive holidays as part of their culture. These events are Christmas, New Years, Easter and the fiesta. Fiesta time is when picking season is over in the United States and the migrants return home. After the fiestas the migrants carry back to the United States memories, myths, rituals and kind goods. Though culture still revolves the same of pucking the fields, attending church, the maquiladoras, tropics,and to go where the weather is accurate to grow. Once migrants return home they are simply addeled on the definition of home, “It occurs to me that we cannot use the herm homeland the way we use

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