GMO Cross Pollination

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allergic reaction leading to anaphylaxis. There are some plants species that are being made to be insect repellant with a compound that is placed in that plant known as bacillus turingiensis that allows the plant to exhibit a natural insect repellant property, however nature have a way of adopting and after too many Bt, plants have been introduced into the environment these insect could become resistant to this substance ("NRC ," 2010, p. 2).
Additionally farmer who has their fields nearby their neighbors field can experience GMO cross pollinated, and that cross pollination could transferred an allergen, and at present there is no protocol to report the cross pollination (Liang & Skinner, 2004, p. 354). Additionally this farmer has used
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Furthermore there have been several recall of GMO products, in 2001, Reuters News Service had a retraction of Potatoes in Japan due to their inclusion of GMO derivatives, and likewise seed of GM canola was with-drawn in 1997 in Canada since they were tainted with genetic material that was in addition to the expected plant gene (Liang & Skinner, 2004, p. 355). There is also strong environmental con-cerns of GMO corn that could take the life of Monarch Butterfly (Liang & Skinner, 2004, p. 357). Additionally another issue genetically modified food presents is labeling that identifies GMO Foods. Some producers are apprehensive about placing labels on GMO food for fear that the general public would not purchase foods that has been genetically engineered because of the lack of production knowledge, and fear of lawsuits, if foods are labeled incorrectly. (Edelhart, …show more content…
Bt. will not harm other insects it will only kill the insects that feed directly on that particular plant. For in-stance the potatoes plant has a common enemy the blight, this infection demolishes around 15 percent of the globes farming crop yearly, even though fungicide has been used on these potatoes this infection strike the potatoes right before picking season, destroying around one fifth of the potatoes plants. So GMO supporter are encouraging Blight resistance potatoes they believe that this product could be one of earths initial main food source. Genetically altered to include protec-tion against plant disease, there are some particular plants that are cultivate in china and India that has a disease known as Stem rust, and a fungal disease of wheat, that has proliferated through most of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula that is now threatening parts of central and south Asia, bananas, are a main food supply in Uganda, are mostly ruined by wilt disease. Each of these illustration, could benefit from genetic engineering. Because GMO manufacturers be-lieve that can design better varieties that can survive the attack of these disease. There is also a push for GMO Potatoes that could lead in a new era of biotech foods that consumer could have direct access to. Although transgenic corn, and soybeans are mainly created to repel insects and herbicides, they have extensively been in use since the late

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