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This essay is criticising the interaction between a health professional and service users in the DVD clip titled “Someone to Watch over Me”. Firstly, I am going to introduce the concepts of health and communication, making reference to the nurse/ patient relationship and the importance of interpersonal communication in the delivery of health information. To act as guidelines for this essay I have chosen four topics to inform the content. These topics include: exploring the social determinants of health that are relevant to the main characters in the DVD clip using Dahlgren and Whitehead’s (1991) model and considering ways in which these impact on the
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They also emphasise that “good communication leads to better and higher standard of care”.

In the video clip, it is clear that both spouses are not in line to these definitions of health, live an unhealthy life style and wider determinants of their health is present. An example of a framework that considers the general determinant of health is the Dahlgren and Whitehead 1991 social model of health which describes the social ecological theory of health. Marks et al (2005, p.13) explains that this framework is useful in conceptualizing the main influences on health. This framework is a multi-layered onion-like structure that places the individual endowed with fixed factor of age, sex and genetic makeup at the core over which we have little or no control surrounded by four influences. The first layer is the individual lifestyle. An individual may live a life that is either positive or potentially harmful (Marks et al, 2005). Kim’s life style has been really bad affecting not just herself but her four children, three of whom were taken away from her by social services and her unborn child. She had issues with excessive

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