Critique on Fat and Happy Essay examples

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Savannah Masters
Mrs. Williamson
23 September, 2014
Fat and Happy? Critique In the article “Fat and Happy?”, Hillel Schwartz questions why society views fat people as pathetic and unacceptable. He argues that if it were not for “fellow citizens” (179) mocking and scorning them for being fat, they would be perfectly content with themselves. As well as stating that many people discriminate toward fat people, Schwartz also points out that physicians are giving facts about obesity that are deceptive. Although Schwartz has a strong claim regarding acceptance of the overweight, the absence of support and the lack of writing techniques used in his article defeat the purpose of his argument. Schwartz goes in depth with how society
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Making the society fat would leave those who struggle with gaining weight a minority, causing the roles to be reversed, a never ending discrimination. Meanwhile, Schwartz encounters a few errors in the grammatical portion of his article. Some readers may have difficulty understanding the concept of Schwartz’s arguments for various reasons. For instance, the absence of organization makes it difficult for readers to figure out his follow along with his arguments. Schwartz should keep certain information in the same paragraphs, rather than jumping back and forth between topics. Another weakness Schwartz has contains his lack of vocabulary. For example, he uses the word fat regularly throughout his article that causes readers to assume Schwartz does not have empathy on overweight people. An additional problem in Schwartz article includes forcing his opinion to the readers. Having said that, this blocks readers to form their own opinion. Schwarts has many credible points, including that society should not be rude to those that are a minority. He also has invalid reasoning, such as making everybody fat to end society’s criticism. His lack of support makes the argument seem unreasonable, as if he’s gathering this information out of nowhere. No organization, repetitiveness, and weaving opinions in cause confusion and a loss of comprehension while reading an article. Overall, Schwartz has strong arguments, but

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