Critique Of The Truth That Make You Wonder Essay

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Critiques of the Truth that Make You Wonder
Many stories often carry an underlying message or lesson throughout them. In the Miller’s Tale, the author manages to make many critiques about heavily respected aspects in life. He does so comically, while also embarrassingly. All of these critiques are still apparent in today’s society and happen almost everyday. Chaucer does an exceptional job of making the reader aware of the nasty surroundings that each of these characters put themselves in just to get what they want.
Religion was highly respected and still is to this day. However, in The Miller’s Tale certain pokes are made at religion as a whole and abused in order for the characters to achieve what they want. Absolon pranced throughout the city, portrayed King Herod from the Bible, “Somtyme, to shewe his lightnesse and maistrye, He pleyeth Herodes on a scaffold hye”, (line 197-198) in order to win over Alison’s attention but nothing worked. By acting this way Absolon brought down the status of God by trying to use his title to win over a woman. Stories from the Bible should be used for a much greater purpose. Nicholas also abused religion when he lied to the carpenter saying, “Shal falle a reyn and that so wilde and wood, That half so greet was never Noës flood,” ( line 331-332). Nicholas told such a tall tail to the Carpenter, comparing it to the flood just for the simple fact that he longed to sleep with Alison. Nicholas was so desperate that he did not see how using…

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