Criticism Of Slaughterhouse 5

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Slaughterhouse­Five has been criticised by many sources on how the author wrote the book and the details that was presented. Here are what some critics have said “Wesley
Scroggins, a Republic resident and professor at Missouri State University, saw the book differently, and urged the school board to ban Slaughterhouse Five.” "In a column for the
Springfield News­Leader headlined "Filthy books demeaning to Republic education," he wrote:
"This is a book that contains so much profane language, it would make a sailor blush with shame. The 'F­word ' is plastered on almost every other page.”( Ken paulson). Nonetheless, the book was a masterpiece at the time since it was taken place during WW2 and the book was anti­ war and it told a story of what
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After witnessing so much, Billy is hospitalized with diagnosed post traumatic stress disorder. A mental condition that is triggered when experienced or seeing terrifying events. But during the story Billy becomes unstuck within time, in which “Its story was not told chronologically, but rather skipped back and forth in time in a fragmentary,

Dianas 3 almost schizophrenic manner. Its chief character, Billy Pilgrim, was not a rounded whole, but rather a collection of fragments from disparate times and places that refused to fit together comfortably” (
Klinkowitz, Jerome).
So throughout the story it will get complicated since Billy can be at the war fighting, but then transition to him being back at home with his wife. As stated by Coleman, Martin, “Billy Pilgrim’s experiences are not wrong or untrue, because the things experienced really are what they are experienced as—that is, frightening, disorienting, unpredictable, discontinuous. But this does not entail that his experiences mean what he thinks they mean, that his immediate sense of his experiences is the final word on their relations.
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He had authored five novels as well, two as paperback originals, but none had sold well or attracted much critical attention. Therefore it was quite a surprise when his new work rocketed to the best­seller lists and stayed there for more than half the year.” said by (
). But later on it started getting controversial in school stating how the book was really inappropriate towards kids due to many factors such as “its crude language and adult themes, according to the News­Leader. Scroggins had complained about both profanity and the story
Vonnegut told. The board could target the former, but not the latter.” explained by (Ken,
Paulson). Not only that, this whole idea even went further beyond as “The school board agreed that Vonnegut 's book was unacceptable because of the author 's use of profanity, depiction of sexual scenes, and irreverent comments about God and country and had the book removed from


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