Criticism Of Malcolm X

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Malcolm X-plained
Dusty old shelves piled with photo albums, newspaper articles and files of someone’s life, sparks faded memories, that grow sweeter with time. Each chapter of their scattered past titled to organize a legacy they left behind. In those pages of one man’s story much pain, loss and suffering clouds the few sweet moments that may have been. Well known civil rights advocate, Malcolm X preached unity and aggression through reflections of his own life. Malcolm X fell victim to intense racial discrimination, his own hate, and the “White America” working against him.
There are a few phases that victims cycle through during their lives. Victims are often found in positions where control is in the hands of a bullying figure, or entity continuously working against the victim ("Discover the Victim Archetype"). Victimization begins with experiences that emotionally and physically degrade a person’s worth and well-being. They fall into a self-deteriorating path that expresses the hardships they constantly face ("Guardian of Self-Esteem"). It is common for amplified torment to build up a rage focused determination to take over their once lost control. This fuels their motivation to defeat the higher power,
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Malcolm X is the very icon of what a victim is because he did overcome the burden of victimization. Malcolm X lived as a victim through most of his life from prejudice, identity loss, and enraged blame only to prepare his mind for acceptance and understanding. “Malcolm X offered the promise. Malcolm’s early and troubled interactions provided comfort. For me, he embodied the notion of an individual made anew through his greater commitment to a broad black collective” ("Legacy of Malcolm X"). In the end, he inspired many people to stand for themselves and overcome their victim status, and although he left earth, he achieved his dreams for

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