Criticism And Criticism Of Our Philosophy Classes By Jonah Lehrer, Susan Jacoby, And Plato

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Criticism is Key to Creativity

Throughout all of our philosophy classes, we have read and discussed many articles trying to find the idea hidden within. Eventually, we come to a disagreement about what we all think is the correct answer but, we eventually come to some agreement. What we have not really talked about in detail is what philosophy actually is and whether or not it serves any purpose in life. Philosophy is important in life and it has allowed me and most likely many other people in the world to look at certain aspects of life differently. Some of the ideas that were in our previous readings I would have never thought of on my own. My position on this particular subject matter is that philosophy does serve a purpose in life. The articles written by Jonah Lehrer, Susan Jacoby, and Plato all have this idea of how conflict and criticism makes a person think more about their own thoughts and ideas. And that sometimes there is no real solution or answer to a particular idea and that criticism only sparks creativity of one’s own ideas. Philosophy, also referred to as Philo-Sophia, means “love of wisdom”. Philosophy is an individual’s pursuit of understanding something. It is an individual’s way of learning about something new and gaining more knowledge. For me, it is a way to gain knowledge and help me see life or anything in a different way. All the articles we have read in the previous classes made me think differently each time. After reading Groupthink by Jonah…

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