Critically Evaluate How Environmental Factors Impact on the Experiences and Life Events of an Adult Who You Know, and How These Factors Influence That Person’s Health, Wellbeing and Use of Support from Others

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Critically evaluate how environmental factors impact on the experiences and life events of an adult who you know, and how these factors influence that person’s health, wellbeing and use of support from others.

I am going to discuss an eighty two year old woman who I am going to call Mrs Smith (her name has been changed to protect her identity). Mrs Smith is the middle of five children, who has lived all her live in the South of England. She married at nineteen and had four children, all of whom are now grown up, happily married and with children of their own, giving her ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Mrs Smith’s husband died in 1998 and she has lived on her own ever since. In this essay I am will be drawing on five
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All four of Mrs Smith’s children have tried to persuade her to move house to something with a smaller garden; Mrs Smith felt her children were ‘ganging up’ on her and the children felt she was being stubborn. This argument lasted several months, causing emotional strain on both sides. Eventually a neighbour of Mrs Smith’s stepped in to heal the rift, getting Mrs Smith and her children to sit down together to talk about what should be done to provide an acceptable solution to both sides – this came in the form of a paid gardener. Jordan-Marsh and Harden (2005) suggest that friends or neighbours may have important roles as care givers and ‘are increasingly important as patterns of family/partnership living arrangements change’ (LG 7.3) and this is certainly the case for Mrs Smith as her neighbour was concerned enough about her welfare to assume an advocate’s role and was not seen by Mrs Smith as a threat to her parental authority. As her nearest child lives 30 miles away from Mrs Smith, the neighbour is also ideally placed to make sure she is alright on a day to day basis, and is happy to do so.

The house where Mrs Smith has lived for over 60 years has a massive impact on her health and

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