Essay on Critical Tourism Theory and Methods

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Evaluation of Tourism Research

Tourism Research Overview

1. Critical Tourism Theory

* The Concept of Critical Tourism Theory * Critical Tourism Theory and Data base

2. Qualitative Research

* Data Collection Techniques in Qualitative Research

* Interview * Observation * Focus Groups * Customer feedback card

* Data Analysis in Qualitative Research Limitation

3. Quantitative Research

* Data Collection Techniques in Quantitative Research

* Survey * Questioners * Structured Interview

* Data Analysis Techniques in Quantitative Research



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Classical theory – The assumption in classical theory is people are working because of the pay.
2. Systems theory – This theory slightly varied from the classical theory in this theory it is assumed that the people are happily working because along with the pay they get better treatment from the management also.


The researchers help to find out the origin, age, education, income and spending habits and travel patterns, life style and activity preferences of the tourists and get the picture about what the tourist like and dislikes about the destination and the travel information’s importance, the impression of adverting and the overall satisfaction of the visitors.

Not only the private persons. But, the Governments is also started to concentrate on tourism development. It also initiated various researches to introduce several development programmes, to follow up the improvements, to rectify difficulties and made other necessary developments to attract the tourist for increase its revenue.

Research methodologies generally differentiate the research approaches in 3 different categories

* Positivism and post positivism * Inter pretivism * Critical theory

The positivism is mainly focused and based on the positive data there are chances of falsification

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