Critical Thinking : Case Manager Interview Essay

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Critical Thinking: Case Manager Interview
According to the World Bank (2014), the United States spent 17.9% of its gross domestic product on healthcare in 2012. In dollars, this represents approximately $3.8 trillion spent in this country on healthcare. This astronomical figure might be acceptable if the country enjoyed the best health outcomes in the world; however, according to the World Health Organization the United States health system ranks 37th of the surveyed countries worldwide (Colorado State University-Global Campus, 2014). This is one reason many managed care organizations offer case management to achieve optimal wellness for their members while reducing costs. The following information comes from the unique perspective of a case manager for the blind in Sacramento, California. While disease management focuses on the disease, case management addresses people’s lives in all of its complexities.
Case Management for the Elderly Blind
Demonstrating the unique aspects of case management (CM), P. Duffy of the Sacramento Society for the Blind, was happy to answer questions for this interview. Duffy, case manager for years before his promotion to director of the society, explained his role of case manager as unique and complex. He explained clients came to the society via referral from physicians and managed care organizations. Duffy stated, “My role was to conduct intakes, assess clients for services, offer and schedule into need specific services, and follow up on…

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