Essay on Critical Thinking And Me As A Good Minded Thinker

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Critical Thinking and Me
Critical thinking is something that not everyone is thinking about on a day to day basis. We may not find ourselves actively thinking about what is said or what we may be saying. If you are one of these people as I know I am, you can learn to think critically. It is like learning to play baseball; with a lot of time, effort and practice it can be learned. There are many things to learn about thinking critically such as learning to be a fair-minded thinker or how not to use fallacies or how to think ethically. There are also many standards to critical thinking. So as we continue talking think of some of the ways of thinking you may or may not use as I will demonstrates ways in which I have learned to use them. Fair-Minded Thinkers A fair-minded thinker will strive to treat every view point relevant to a situation with an unbiased, unprejudiced point of view. Although we try to look at every one in this way we, by nature tend to prejudge the views of others, placing them in two categories, the favorable and the unfavorable. Being a fair-minded critical thinker there are many different traits, and each and every one has an opposite; The opposite of fairmindedness is intellectual unfairness, intellectual humility opposite would be intellectual arrogance, intellectual courage opposite intellectual cowardice, intellectual empathy is opposite of intellectual self-centeredness, intellectual integrity is opposite of intellectual hypocrisy, intellectual…

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