Critical Opinion On Critical Thinking Essay

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Critical thinking is the process of actively, diligently, and intellectually analyzing, conceptualizing, and assessing information gathered from various sources such as observations, lessons, experience, and other applicable information. It is an acquired skill derived from years of experience, practice, and research; a skill that is supposed to aid in a decision making process and well as to understand others’ points of view unbiasedly.
While critical thinking may seem like something that one was born with naturally, however, this is not the case. All of us are thinkers in some degree, however only some of us can be classified as critical thinkers who can apply these particular skills in a decisive situation. In order to achieve critical thinking skills, one must learn to become a fair-minded thinker.
A fair-minded thinker aims to treat every viewpoint equally in a given situation, free of biased or influenced from others. It’s a trait that takes a sizable amount of practice since human’s mind is egocentric in nature, thus we tend to prejudge others’ points of view unconsciously. (Paul & Elder, 2012) Without fairmindedness, we as human, would have very limited knowledge, thus fail to advance beyond what we already know and aware of. I strongly believe that fairmindedness is a foundation to critical thinking skills – it is a habit that coexists with other interrelated intellectual habits such as intellectual autonomy, integrity, humility, sense of justice, perseverance,…

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