Critical and Creative Thinking in Operations and Supply Chain Management

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Yashashree Kulkarni
Operations & Supply chain Mgmt Date; June 21
Critical and Creative Thinking in Operations And Supply Chain
The reality of the 21st century is the presence of the VUCA environment that is , volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. This highly dynamic business world, requires the business leaders to think both critically & creatively in order to be successful in their area of expertise. Leaders are expected to be operating at such rapid pace, in this high level of business environment that critical thinking coupled with an ability to be creatively inclined while implementing business decisions and problem solving is paramount to success.
Even though critical thinking may seem like a “soft skill” from a
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The result of this fiasco and bad decision making resulted in Netflix losing 800,000 subscriptions and a 37% stock fall. What the then CEO Reed Hastings lacked was the art of analyzing effectively all

Yashashree Kulkarni
Operations & Supply chain Mgmt Date; June 21 the scenarios and make strategic decisions that are critically assessed not hastily made. Critical thinking is an organized and disciplined approach that is well informed, fair, rational, accurate, timely and mainly focused on relevant information.
The leaders of today are expected to be at the top of their game. The managers in field of Operations and Supply chain management especially need to be fast and creative at their workplace. There are significant decision making involved in for example: method analysis,Job enlargement etc. Although, job specialization is sometimes helpful; but it is not useful in todays environment, this is essential to be understood by the decision maker. Critical thinking being the ignition to innovation. Job enlargement and enrichment only will come through methodical and creative critical decision making businesses.(Lemire, J. A. (2002)).
I feel that the VUCA business environment today has a lot to learn from the military. The military is trained to prepare for challenges that it will inevitably face by drafting and executing realistic training programs and implementing and innovating them from

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