Critical analysis of Alice Sebold's "The Lovely Bones" Essay

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Alice Sebold’s number one national bestselling novel The Lovely Bones depicts the horrendous rape and murder of a small-town girl named Suzie Salmon. Suzie must then watch--from her own personal heaven—her family and friends struggle to cope and move on with their lives. The novel is set in the suburbs of Norristown, Pennsylvania, 1973. Published in 2002, The Lovely Bones became an instant bestseller, and in 2010 it was released into theaters around the world. Alice Sebold’s early years helped set the stage for her literary career. When Alice Sebold was a freshman at Syracuse University, she survived a brush with death herself. On May 8, 1981, she was raped while walking home through a park off campus. Her attacker dragged her into a …show more content…
While a reader is analyzing The Lovely Bones he/she should pay careful attention to the major changes Susie goes through, the major themes represented in the novel, the uniquely represented literary techniques, and the authors style and structure of writing. All of the characters in The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold help create the overall message that the novel portrays. Throughout the novel Susie Salmon faces many difficult challenges that help her grow as a person and that ultimately lead to her to heaven. Alice Sebold opens up The Lovely Bones with Susie saying “My name was Salmon, like the fish; first name, Susie” (Sebold 5). This statement is not only foreshadowing the death of Susie, it also helps the reader understand Susie’s frame of mind at the beginning of her journey. In the beginning of Sebold’s novel, Susie is stuck reminiscing on her past life she has an immense desire to be a part of the living world. While Susie is talking to Franny, her intake counselor, she says; “People grow up by living. I want to live” (Sebold 19). Susie continually has the desire to be among the living, but as the years slide by and Susie watches her family grow, grieve and live she slowly starts to accept the fact that she will never be

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