Criminology: Why Do People Commit Crime?

Glenda Torres Criminology 101

Do you ever wonder why people choose to commit crime? Why do they disregard the consequences ? Criminologist study that very same question. There are many theories that have been used to better understand the reasons as to why criminals choose to do what they do and several different perspectives. Determining why people commit crime is important for policy makers because this way they can make rational decisions about the criminal justice system. Many people wonder ,Well what is considered a crime? A crime is “disobeying written laws” . Kidnapping and murder are considered to be serious crimes, These are the crimes that criminologist question and study the purpose and meaning behind .Crimes
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The Rehabilitation perspective believe that all criminal behavior is caused by some factor in your life. They believe that the choices criminals make are based on there surroundings and how they live there personal life. They believe that when people are characterized as being exposed to delinquents and lack parental support they are more likely to become criminals. There point of view doesn’t deny that everyone makes there own decisions but they absolutely don’t go into a irrational choice of pure “free will.” In order for someone to change the way they view things they would need to have been in a circumstance where two perspectives where demonstrated . This perspective views crime as a something that is rarely free willed and that is why particular individuals can be rehabilitated. The rehabilitation views of criminals are similar to the people with medical problems. Both can be helped and improved with different types of treatments. Another perspective to consider when determining the cause of crime is the conflict perspective of crime and …show more content…
One of the first theorist was Karl Marx he believed that society was broke up into two types of classes, the rich and the poor. The bourgeoisie aka the rich where the ones who owned the production and the proletariat aka the poor where the ones working for them. Marx view of the economy divided into two classes still stands true today. For example when someone in the higher class commit’s a crime and they bribe the government they are considered to be good business men. But when a drug dealer sells product to his customers he’s considered a

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