Essay on Criminals Are A Product Of Their Environment

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Criminals are a Product of their Environment

It is frightening to think that we live in a world in which crime is inevitable. Each and every day we turn on our televisions to heartbreaking news of crime and the victims left behind by their action. Still, we live our days and walk through the streets of our city with the constant reminder that a potential criminal can be looming close by. However, it is easier for one to deduct how the crime happened; who did it and perhaps even the intent behind the crime long after it was committed. Nevertheless, there is one question that motivates the core of psychologists, criminologists and other scientists which they can’t seem to figure out: Are criminals born or made? Every human being is born free and equal in dignity and in right, your fate is not pre-determined for you, however, criminals are made and not born because of family life, social interactions and economic distress.
Cesare Lombroso, a renowned Italian criminologist developed a theory that criminality was inherited and could be distinguished by physical characteristics. However, his theory was later proven to be incorrect (Lombroso, 2009). It isn’t the physical attributes you receive from your family that determines criminality, but the environment your family introduces to you that influences who you become. The family environment and the child’s upbringing are essential when viewing the reasons that lead to criminal behaviours. Sigmund Freud believed that all humans…

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