Criminal Law And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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1) Discuss and compare three types of crime (Provide at least one paragraph for each views)

The three different types of crime are, consensus view, the conflict view, and the interactionist view.
Consensus view is, crimes are behaviors believed to be repugnant to all elements of society. The substantive criminal law reflects the values, beliefs, and opinions of societies mainstream. The word consensus is used because crime is based off the belief of everyone that the action is illegal. The consensus view of crime links illegal behavior to the concept of social harm. So if it hurts the community it should be considered a crime.
The conflict view depicts society as a collection of diverse groups, business owners, workers, and professionals who are in constant and continuing conflict. Groups able to assert their political power use the law and the criminal justice system to advance their economic and social position. Criminal laws are viewed as acts created to protect the haves from the have-nots. Critical criminologists often compare the harsh penalties exacted on the poor for their crimes with little to no penalties. On this view of crime, it’s a political concept designed to protect the power and position of the upper classes at the expense of the poor.
The interactionist view of crime traces its antecedents to the symbolic interaction school of sociology. First popularized by pioneering sociologists George Herbert Mead, Charles Horton Cooley, and W. I. Thomas. This…

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