Essay about Criminal Law And Civil Law

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The English legal system would come into two classifications, Criminal law and Civil law. Criminal law is about crimes committed against, for an example an organization, this could be for something such as data hacking. Civil law would be more about disputes between individuals for damages and so on, for instance wages not paid between employer and employee. The three distinguishing areas of English Law (explained below) would be Common/Case law, Statute law and European law. Common law according to Wild and Weinstein is the procedural rule and law developed over hundreds of years by the courts from cases heard (Wild and Weinstein, 2013, p.3) This is the law that is used in England and the U.S.A. It is a medieval law and uses pronouncements from previous cases or 'like for like ' cases to enable the judge to look for a prior decision and act in a similar matter when passing a verdict. It is sometimes however necessary because the law deals with everyday situations to look at other factors for guidance when coming to a decision, for example social change and inventions known as previously undetermined legal issues. They might have a contributing factor to any decision made but the underlying bedrock and certainty of common law creates a stable legal system of government. Examples of Common/Case law could be divorce, contracts and disputes. Elliot (2015) describes Statue Law as the law that is written down and codified, or brought into law. Statutes begin as bills: and…

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