Criminal Crime Theory

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What causes someone to commit a crime? There are eight known types and concepts to how humans can be categorized in these Criminal Theories. "A theory is kind of model. Theories posit relationships, often of a causal sort, between events and things under study." (Schmalleger F. p.74) In the early biological theory, many believe, even though in the past few decades it has merged more and more to be forgotten, that "the causation of crime is build on the inherited and/or bodily characteristics".
If someone is honest or dishonest just by the looks of his/her face, is a statement that is as old as the antiquity. One of the first theorist that brought the term Phrenology up was Franz Joseph Gall(1758-1828). He had a theory about, that alone
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Peacemaking Criminology also is called compassionate criminology . All it means is that with compassion, wisdom, and love the way of violence could be turned into nonviolence and it would help out tremendously to either each individual, a group or a whole nation. One focus is, to bring the victimized and the victimizer together and find a solution to make a new world order that both are happy and satisfied to live in. In 1986 Harold Pepinsky and Richard Quinney tried to rephrase the sentence from "how to stop crime" into "how to make peace". The rephrasing of a negative to a positive sentence is even in the present day a big challenge, when everything is either white or black, but is not impossible. Peacemaking also has another good outcome, it educates and brings a closer outlook on how to stop …show more content…
These punishments are not only important to the victims of a crime but also to reassure everyone/ the society, that nobody should get away with it and that justice will always tried to be served. (Some crimes are not always brought to justice and therefor cannot be punished in the eye of Justice). Sometimes the punishment is not adequate to the crime so either the defendant gets off way to easy or is getting the full punishment. The middle line needs to be drawn. To address the right punishment to the crime that someone committed and hoping that it does deter others of doing the exact same crime. Not everyone will be scared of, when and individual is getting the punishment that they deserve. As it lies in the human nature one always wants more than the other

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