Crime : The Rise Of Crime Essay

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This article states that murders rates have gone up 25 percent last year according to the New York Times. The study led to a theory that the rise of crime was due to less aggressive police force due to recent protests. Dr. Richard Rosenfield who, conducted the study refers to this as the Ferguson effect and stated that this hypothesis would need further evaluation. The cities where murder rates were on the rise followed a pattern in that the areas affected were either high in poverty, segregated, or demographic composition. For example Chicago is listed as having the highest murder rate according to this article. With the basis for this spike in crime being in fairly predictable communities such as highly impoverished, and segregated areas. Although this surge of crime is only affecting certain cities as crime has gone down in two of the largest cities since 1990. This article concludes that with the recent tension with police could be the cause for certain cities rise in homicide.
VerBruggen, R. (2015, 12/21). Fewer guns, less homicide? National Review, , n.p.:// This article focuses on gun violence, the question of whether fewer guns equals less homicide. The United States remains at the top of other countries for homicide and gun violence. Recent pushes to ban guns have caused some people to think this will decrease homicide. Data shows it may reduce it moderately, but there is no correlation between states homicide rates, gun laws, or gun…

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