Crime Is A Learned Behavior ( Siegel, 2013 ) Essay

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Modern Social Learning Theory suggest that “people learn the techniques and attitudes of crime from close and intimate relationships with criminal peers; crime is a learned behavior (Siegel, 2013).” There are four different ways that social learning can be used to explain criminal behavior. First is through differential association, which means that the amount of time that is spent with a person, the frequency that is spent with this person, the priority of this person in one’s life, and the intensity that a person has on one’s life leads to another picking up on their antisocial and criminal behaviors. Second is neutralization theory, which is where one learns to drift in and out of legal and illegal activity, but the must first be able to counterbalance legal and moral values. Third is through differential reinforcement which is the balancing of anticipated or actual rewards and cost that are associated with a behavior (Siegel, 2013). Finally there is imitation, which means a person learns through observing another person. Charlie had a rough childhood. He was raised by a man that he grew up thinking was his dad, but, later learning that his biological father was in prison for murder. His father was an alcoholic and would beat Charlie’s mother, all in which Charlie witnessed. As Charlie got older, his stepfather introduced him to alcohol at age 14, where the two of them spent countless weekends drinking together. At the age of 15 his mom and stepdad got a divorce.…

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