Crime In Utopian Society

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In a Utopian society, corruption, crimes, and criminal intent is a societal non-factor, however, we do not live in a Utopian society. Our society is filled with crimes and criminal intent that is potentially harmful to the bystanding citizens of the world. Terrorist, murderers, rapists, human traffickers, and many more illegal actions pose a threat to the worlds citizens. On a global scale about 1.6 million people lose their life due to violent encounters with another human per year. This number though does not include people that have suffered major injury, trauma, or other serious side effect of such actions. These illegal and criminal actions that seem to plague society are targeted one act at a time by our nation, and other nations justice …show more content…
This generally causes the aggressor to associate with the victim like they would any other person. “ The victim could for example represent a certain person in the offender 's life.” This information generally helps investigators to be able to link either a rivalry or similarity to a person in the offender 's life, refining the suspect populus. The time and place of the attack signifies importance because it gives an idea for when such offender is mobile and an idea of their schedule and gives a hint at the criminals life. The characteristics of the attack are label under what is called a signature behavior. This behavior is taken into account and based upon the brutality of a crime they can label if the aggressor had a personal emotional influence against the victim or if it was a random victim. The crime scene evidence is take …show more content…
After ample evidence is taken into account and the refinement process of searching for a potential suspects is completed, profilers are able to identify a type of person that would have the correct modus operandi for the crime. The possible height, weight, age, occupation, ethnic back ground, adn personal attributes are labeled. the personal atytributes are used to look at possible physchological malfunctions, self esteem issues, aggressivness of the attack, and possible remorese or guilt. The difficulty in identifying who will cause a crime is that most of the time they have masked personal traits that are only triggered by environmental and situational factors. This means that it is extremely hard to tell who will commit a crime if they are a first time offender and limits the ability for this prevention of criminal action. The other problem with stopping crime before it happens is that it just isnt illigal! There is no evidance that law enforcement can work off of that can ay a certain person is going to commit a crime. The cognition of such offenders is sparked by environmental or situational fetish causing their mask to come off and reveal their dark side. It is impossible to tell if a person will cause a crime but certain factors make some people

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