Crime : Behind The Crime Scene Essay example

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Behind the Crime Scene
The causes of illegality are complicated. Most people focus on the criminal’s flaws or lack of morals to try to explain why they commit crimes. Honestly if an individual decides to commit a crime, then that is their decision. If arrested, the criminal has to accept the consequences. Their many factors that influences crime, including the need for money, emotion, envy or vengeance and the desire for control. In some situations, individuals commit crimes for their own selfish reasons. Other times, people commit crimes to hurt to others. Some people are just at a higher risk of becoming felons because of the environment that the person is born into. Children are subject to hostility in their homes which may cause them mature with unconscious thoughts that may make them react in an impulsive manner when angered. The most important reasons of which crime is caused are economic factors, social environment, and family structures.
The lack of economical means (poverty) plays a major role in the cause of crime. Poverty means “the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions” (Webster’s dictionary). Poverty reveals itself in a lack of academic opportunities, lack of hope, lack of purposeful employment options, poor housing and the prejudice against persons living in poverty. In certain countries where social prejudice are not a strong factor, studies have shown that lack of academic strength is linked to crimes…

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