Crime And Methods Article One Essay examples

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Gangs and Methods Article One
Researchers are still debating the best possible technique in which to measure gang membership. However, a growing consensus of the self-nominated technique seems to provide a justifiable measurement of gang involvement and violent offending, including policy and program recommendations.
The purpose of this paper is to examine if certain risk factors in multiple domains in connection to criminological theories of gang membership and are they similar to or differ with those connected with violent offending. With particular questions that have been raised, such as: Do the risk factors apply independence effects when other factors are controlled in a multivariate analysis? To what extent are the patterns similar or different between both and what are the odds of violent offending among gang membership (Esbensen, Peterson, Taylor, & Freng, 2009).
This empirical article meets the requirements within the capstone mission, whereas the content under analytic methods, which focuses on particular risk factors within multiple domains and to what extent are the patterns similar or different between gang membership and violent offending. using a self-reporting survey, an illustrative measurement of the relationship between the independent and dependent variables utilized in this study.
The research method used is that of cross-sectional quantitative data, information gathered from 8th grade students from 11 cities across the United States (U.S.), using a…

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