Essay Credit Card And Credit Cards

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Every time I speak about spending money with a person, and they mention not owning a credit card. I’d tell them and sometimes argue, that not owning a credit card means they’re completely missing out on all the great benefits it offers. They and some people would counter argue and exclaim that owning a credit card could drive them into debt and break their bank. Those concerns are legitimate; however, owning a credit card will reward a person with benefits that overcomes debit cards. Having one in possession will significantly let a person live a better lifestyle in terms of spending money wise. I’ll be listing the main reasons of why every individual in the U.S. should own a credit card as soon as they’re able to or haven’t gotten one yet. First of all, before we get into the tasty facts, let’s quickly go over what a credit card does that differs from a debit card or using cash. Using a debit card to make a purchase is spending one’s own money that they deposit in their bank’s checking account. Same idea applies with cash; though, without the bank. With a credit card, the bank lends a limited amount of credit that an individual would spend and pay back every month (varies on the credit card provider). It’s basically borrowing money and repaying back. Now, at this point, a clueless consumer may be wondering, “Why should I use a credit card over a debit card or cash? I’m scared a credit card will put me in debt because of interest and all of that shenanigans?” First and…

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