Creationism Vs. Creationism Intelligent Design Essay

1864 Words Nov 5th, 2014 null Page
After the Supreme Court ruled that the teaching of creationism is unconstitutional, opponents of evolution came up with a new strategy to bring their theory to America’s education system. Creationist revived their theory by renaming creationism Intelligent Design. Their new strategy to bring creation into American public schools was to argue that creationism is scientific like evolution and should be taught in the scientific curriculum. The creationist argue that their theory is scientific, “Intelligent Design theorist argue that certain physical systems, including biological ones, exhibit what is known as specified complexity, and that specified complexity is best accounted for by intelligent agency” (Lutz 2013, 684). Intelligent Design theorist also argue that scientist reject their theory without carefully assessing their arguments, because of their commitment to methodical naturalism. With some resistance intelligent design is becoming a movement throughout the nation. Intelligent design theorist have made strong push in many states like Ohio, “In 2004, the Ohio school board approved language encouraging a “critical analysis” of evolution and a lesson plan that included arguments used by supporters of intelligent design. The plan was repealed shortly after the Dover decision in February, but advocates of intelligent design are again running for positions on the board. In response, HOPE is endorsing its own candidates” (Brumfield 615, 2006). The creationist have met…

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