Creating More Awareness Around The Illness For Those Who Are Going Into A Blog Entry

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I initially wrote the following to send it to my friends, but decided to make it into a blog entry instead. My hope is that it will contribute to creating more awareness around the illness for those who are going through similar experiences, and those who are trying to understand their loved ones suffering from invisible illnesses. There has been a lot of buzz around celebrities and their chronic illnesses (Selena Gomez and
Lupus, for example). I have a similar type of illness; an autoimmune condition called hypothyroid. I have suffered from it since when I was in grade 8. In simple terms, the little soldiers from my immune system attacks my thyroid until it is gone... resulting in less and less thyroid hormones throughout my life.

I remember at first, I started to have huge trouble waking up in time and collapsing onto my bed right around 4:30pm when I came back from school. I have been a light sleeper my whole life, but slept like a dead person, and that 's all I did for a week - my parents were so scared and had to check up on me to make sure that I am still breathing. Ever since I was diagnosed, I take hormone pills every single morning to make up for the underactive thyroid, but the symptoms still affect me on a daily basis. Some days it is really good, the other days, not so much - and I do not have control over it.

On my good days, I feel content and bubbly. I function like a "healthy person." I eat healthy. I work out, I go to school, I work on my thesis, I…

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