Crazy in Alabama Summary Essay examples

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The novel I chose is called Crazy in Alabama.
It takes place in Industry, Alabama in 1965
It moves back and forth between its two main characters.
1- Peejoe Bullis and his brother Wiley are orphans who live with their grandmother.
2- Lucille Vinson kills her husband Chester because he won't let her go to Hollywood to star in the sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, where she has been cast for a 2-episode role. Lucille is Peejoe and Wiley's aunt, and the sister of Dove, another uncle of the two boys.

When Lucille goes to Hollywood with Chester's head in a Tupperware container after having poisoned him with rat poison, she leaves her seven children with her mother, so Grandma has no more place for Peejoe and Wiley. They have to go to
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Taylor jumps in the pool, and all the white people get out of the pool, except Peejoe. Peejoe watches how the sheriff kills Taylor when he was running away from him, pulling him down from a railing, hitting his head on the cement and killing him. Later, Peejoe has an incident with a lawn mower, which hits him in an eye with a golf ball, and everybody wants to think he was attacked by the sheriff. Peejoe will carry a patch in his eye for almost the rest of the film.

At the funeral, Peejoe parades with Taylor's mourners. He coaxes Wiley into following him. They all finish at the same pool, singing and jumping in, only to be disbanded by the sheriff. A Look magazine photographer is there, and takes a close-up picture of Peejoe's face. Peejoe is considered a hero, although he insists he only happened to be there. When Martin Luther King arrives in town, Peejoe is introduced to him, and they shake hands.

Lucille had earned some money in Las Vegas, having the time of her life playing roulette and shagging a very handsome bellboy. Eccentric limousine driver takes her to Hollywood, where her agent Harry Hall is expecting her. She presents herself under the name of Caroline Clay. There, bitchy actress Joan Blake is rude to her. Lucille works on the set of Bewitched, with the stand-in actors giving her the cue lines. Hall thinks Lucille should appear in films as well. At a party, the bitchy actress investigates what's

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